CONTENT: Cut through the noise, be visible. Vlog Episode1

In line with our views on content, with the launch of the new website we thought rather than do a written blog we would begin to put our thoughts and musings on camera. Our first outing can be seen here (I will post the bloopers on youtube for which we had many). Video content is becoming increasingly more important as a marketing tool and we hope to bring you quality advice and tips over the coming months. If you would like us to cover an issue or topic drop us a line. Our first episode focuses on content, we look at how to cut through the noise, how to make good content visible, and what content you should be creating.

Many individuals offer content curation and this is great if the content is right, personally, I follow some great influencers who share content that is useful to me, I am not knocking content curators, it’s those who share things for the sake of sharing.

How to avoid sharing for sharing's sake, well for a start make sure you have read and viewed the link you're about to send out to your followers, nothing more embarrassing than blind sharing and it linking back to some absolute dross and incorrect story, think how that reflects on you!

Another key point to remember is to cut through the noise, think about what you have channeled into your newsfeed, if you are using vanity metrics “like for a like” or “follow for a follow” do you have inbound content that is unmanageable and irrelevant to you simply because you were more interested in building follows. Think about the approach and if this is the case have a major cull of who and what you are following, that way you will get to the relevant information in your feed based on your selections.

If you are putting out good quality content over time your audience will build based on a reputation for being insightful and a useful resource in others newsfeeds. Tip of the week - Are you struggling to write content?

Start with the question you get asked the most in business, starting by answering this question! Not only will it help to build your credibility most importantly it will start to solve issues or challenges for your customers and clients. The very best content is that which seeks to help, improve or educate the audience it has been produced for.